How To Add Additional Users to your AWS Account Using IAM

  1. Log into AWS and go to the IAM Service:

  2. If this is the first user you are adding to this particular AWS account, click “Create New Group of Users”. If this is not the first user added to this account, skip to step 4.

  3. Name your group with an appropriate name. In the example below, I chose “AccountAdmins”. Keep in mind no spaces are allowed.

    4. On the next pane, choose the appropriate level of access from the template list. We don’t recommend straying outside the policy list as that level of granularity significantly increases administrative management of the groups.

    5. Accept the default permissions and click continue on the Edit Permissions screen.

    6. Enter the name of the user you wish to create and add to this group and click continue. Leave the “Generate an access key for each User” box checked.

    7. On the Next Screen, click Finish

    8. The wizard will now give you the opportunity to download the user credentials for the user you created in step 6. Download these credentials and name the appropriately. YOU WILL NOT GET ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO DOWNLOAD THESE USER CREDENTIALS!

    9. This will put you back on the “Getting Started” page for IAS. On this page, click the link for the user to edit the user. Note the AWS Account Alias section. You will need the url listed to log in with the credentials you’re creating for this account.

    10. Click the tick box next to the user you created in step 6 and then click the “Manage Password” Button.

    11. On the “Manage Password” Window that appears, click the radio button next to “Assign a cutom password” and enter in the assigned password for the user you’re adding and click apply.

    12. You’re all done. Provide the user ID, password, login url and the file you downloaded in step 8 to the individual that will be using this account and they should now have the assigned level of access.